Le Poirier d’Hiver



The setting:  two rows of Sauvignon left in a forgotten corner, an early winter, 4 inches of snow covering the vineyard.

Thus, on the bitter cold morning of the 30th of November 2010, with a temperature of 15°F, we came up with the crazy notion of going out to harvest grapes.  In our memories of Touraine dwellers, it’s rather unheard of! 

We picked several crates of frozen grapes to make some 30-odd gallons of nectar.  In the end, we produced these 250 bottles, witnessing a unique experience and a wine that is just as unique as our memories.

Now it is for you to appreciate, to savour. Why not with friends around a chimney fire?
Our passionate gourmets may wish to serve it with blue cheese or with any tropical fruit dessert.


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